Alcohol Offenses Underage

Possession or consumption of alcohol while under 21 are common charges in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick Counties.

When you meet with us we will want to ask you some questions regarding the incident. Can the State prove you consumed or possessed alcohol? Did the officer actually find you in possession of alcohol? And, how did the officers find out you were under 21?

If you were not in possession of alcohol, how did the officer find out you consumed alcohol? Did the officer give you a portable breath test or have you blow into the breathalyzer located at the department or in the bat mobile?

There are lots of issues in each case and it is important that we meet as soon as possible to discuss the possible issues in your case.

If you are a first time offender you may be eligible for a deferred prosecution. To be eligible for a deferred prosecution you must have never been placed on unsupervised or supervised probation.

In order to benefit from a deferred prosecution the defendant must abide by the terms of the deferred prosecution. If the defendant successfully complies with the terms of the deferred prosecution, the charge or charges will be ultimately dismissed.

If the case is dismissed it is not expunged.
We also handle expungements for an additional fee for cases that qualify. Due to the competiveness of today’s job market or getting into schools and professional programs, I recommend that those that are eligible take care of a case that could hinder a career or educational advancement by hiring us to expunge those entitled cases.