Theft Cases

We defend clients on a regular basis who are charged with larceny, fraud, and embezzlement. These are more serious charges that may have penalties. Also, a conviction could cost you a job, entry into college, or affect your living situation.

A larceny is when one takes property from another with the intent of keeping the rightful owner from possessing it. Larceny may be classified as a felony or misdemeanor. Most often we find individuals charged with shoplifting. A larceny is considered a misdemeanor if the amount of stolen goods is less than $1000. Once the total amount of the goods is greater than $1000, it becomes a felony. Also, if the items are stolen during a burglary, it automatically becomes a felony charge. Multiple items still constitutes one charge as it was a single act.

Penalties for larceny cases can range from community service punishment to probation to jail time. The actual penalty will be based on the accused prior record and the crime committed.

If a vehicle was used in the crime, it may be subject to seizure.

An attorney can fight for a client to receive a reduced sentence or lesser penalty based on mitigating factors, or a previously stellar record. First time offenders are most likely to benefit from this defense, but an attorney can help even previous offenders to receive a reduced sentence with the right defense.

We often defend those charged with stealing from Walmart, Belk’s, Dillard’s, Target, Lowes and Harris Teeter among others.

Fraud is defined as when one seeks to obtain items of monetary value through false information or deception. Typically, we will see instances of alleged insurance fraud. Other instances may be when someone writes a check with no funds in the bank account to cover the check. To constitute fraud, it must be proven that the person knowingly provided false information and that the other party received a loss as a result. Penalties for fraud include imprisonment or probation. Everything depends on the seriousness of the crime and the previous record of the accused.

Why Choose The McGee Law Firm?

Individuals can be charged with larceny, fraud, embezzlement, failure to file/pay taxes, theft of government property and all other theft offenses. Many times these cases can be resolved without jail time, and in some instances without a conviction.

We care about your legal problems and will not judge you in anyway.