Traffic Tickets

Whether you are a Wilmington, North Carolina resident, or a visitor on vacation, receiving a traffic ticket is never a pleasant experience. The effects of a traffic violation can follow you for years on an insurance premium.  Our job is to minimize the potential effects of a traffic violation by reducing the fees and minimizing the outcome as much as possible.

At the McGee Law Firm, we can handle your traffic ticket professionally, responsibly and quickly. For most violations your presence is not required in court and an attorney can handle the case on your behalf with a signed Waiver of Appearance.

Our firm will provide a free traffic consultation and provide you with details on how to effectively handle your traffic violation while taking into consideration your prior driving record and history. We avoid the mass mailings and cookie cutter defense, to provide you with professional and personal representation.

With the help of our firm, you can reduce potentially damaging points on your drivers license and avoid rising insurance premiums. Contact out firm for a FREE TRAFFIC CONSULTATION today!